bank of america verify funds

bank of america verify funds
how can I get my money from paypal? how can I sue paypal?

i have had a verified pay-pal account for years, i have traveled over seas and for some reason there was a problem with my bank in america. The bank says they cannot tell me any infformation over the phone that i have to come in personally to fix the problem. i am out of the country at the moment and will not be able to get back to america for another 8 – 12 months. because of the problem with my bank paypal closed my account not allowing me to send money. they give me 3 options

1, apply for a debit card. but you need a verified account to do this so thats out.
2. Apply for a check. ( not in america so i cant get it or cash it even if i could get it )

I have sent paypal more than half a dozen emails and i haven’t gotten a single response as to how to fix this. I NEED my money, it is very important that i have access to my funds. Am I supposed to just allow paypal to keep my money// What do I do?

I hate paypal..! they are aweful. they steal money

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