bank of america payoff request

bank of america payoff request

Debt Questions & Answers

Bad Credit at the age of 16?
Okay, when I was 14-15My brothers used my social wellbeing number and I blv my name aswell to capture cable, cellphones and stuff. Since they had doomed to failure credit.And they did get those services near my personal stuff, and they never payed the bills, which is aprox 1,000 and more in debt.Does this be determined I now hold bad credit?I don’t want to show up to a mission interview and they probably checked my credit and they are going to see that “i’m”Not responsible.Im so depressed.Yes, I was aware, and I couldn’t do anything hindmost then I be young. & my mom have used my SSN as well, but I don’t want to report her, and besides she never have any money so she can’t even pay up.& I doubt any of my brothers can even money it up(They are 34 and the other one is 30)am I just competent to say, that someone might hold stolen my Identity? I don’t want my mom to go to Jail, I could attention less almost my brothers. Either way, I hold to many problems.

Bad Credit Loan Needed?
I Have a credit score of 550 or lower and want $10,000 to pay past its sell-by date hospital and other miscellaneous bills so that I only enjoy one low monthly bill. Does anyone know of a place to go, I enjoy been going through debt consouling and it is still not helping. I enjoy a full time job, but no collateral or home. Is in attendance somewhere I can go? Please sustain, I cannot do this anymore, me and my 5 month old are struggling and entail help.

Bad credit loans?
can anyone recommend a loan for no or bad credit, I dont want a debt consolidation service, they screwed me over. I dont own a home, and my sports car is paid bad and in someone else’s cross. A loan for no more than 5,000. Please help!

Bad credit rack up. remunerated allmy debt sour and enjoy deeply of change. I engender going on for 4000 dollars/month.Can buy a house?
I have a impossible credit score. I compensated all my debt sour and have profoundly of cash. I gross about 4000 dollars a month (after tax).Knowin that it take some time to clean a credit dictation, can buy a house if I put a big down payment lacking having to appropriate a big interest rate?

Bad debt help out?
Last year, I paid of 6k contained by loans and credit cards, and I only enjoy 800 left to remuneration off, two of the debts have gone to collections, but most of my creditors were beaming working with me and help me set up a payment plan. The problem is, end month the cashpoint swallowed my debit card, and the bank replaced my card next to a cash point card (not a debit). so I can’t use it for anything except at a hole surrounded by the wall. I have never owed this out of the ordinary bank anything.Does anybody know why this have happened, the ridge have told me it is because of my discouraging debt, but I know people beside far worse than me, and they’re ok? And can anyone recommend a UK bank that might be capable of help me. I’m really struggling to use lolly all the time.

Badly surrounded by debt, want to know what way out will plunder credit the most minuscule, but lower debt the most?
My friend is badly surrounded by debt, and she is looking into credit counceling, consolidating, etc… She wants to know what alternative will harm her credit the tiniest, or for the least amount of time, but lower/ negotiate her debt so she pays teh samllest percentage of her debt as possible. Please lend a hand, as she is a mom of 2, with a deadbeat dad that run out on them.

Bailiff assistance?
last month a bailiff come to list the stock in my house as i have got trailing with a a few things so vitally most things i own will be taken away! But today i have have a letter from another bailiff for a different debt saw that they are coming to list my stock! what i want to know is can they do this if my stuff is already listed next to another bailiff? uk answers only please.

Bailiffs! How do i stop them picking on me?
I paid past its sell-by date my Capital one credit card late!! So yes i go into debt and had bailiffs collecting. I remunerated it all rotten.A year later a unusual debt collector contacted me and as i had lost the closing ones letters i compensated it again.Now a year on i have be contacted AGAIN!I have adjectives the paperwork so proving that i have rewarded it.My question is Why are they picking on me?Am i on a account somewhereHow do i stop it!

Bally’s and Charge Off’s?
How can Bally’s charge off memebership’s(lie to you just about it) and then contribute you a new one?? I have gotten behind on my intial devotion. We had moved and call to make costs arrangents so I could start working out again at the new club. Well, somehoe the guy pulled the ole switch-a-roo. Gave me a trial membership in need me knowing. Told me he rewrote the old one so I wouldn’t lose the money I have paid and could start working out again and resume payments. The initial political leanings was a lifetime sponsorship.I ended up have to move back to North Carolina for a while and here are no Bally’s there. I sent note to club to cancel. Moved fund to Florida. Come to find out, Bally’s charged both memeberhips off and want to endow with me a new one??Now I hold two debt collectors hounding me to collect on the Bally’s memberships. What can I do?? This is so crazy. How can they do this to people?? Thanks.

Bank incressed my overdraft by lb500 in need consent! What can I do?
I left my undertaking in Dec have no money coming in for a moment or two while the bank settled to up my overdraft limit. Which have now thrown me into debt as I in a minute have a overdraft constrict of nearly lb1000 i get salaried weekly and not one penny touchs my pocket all the money is going to the mound in charges. I can’t earnings rent or even get too work or buy food because of the reality they decided to do this to me. Are you not designed to sign something to say that you want the money or generate some sort of agreement with the sandbank?How can they do this? I want to fight it how can i do this?

Bank of America have not properly contacted me give or take a few my debt. Do I contact them?
I am with a debt running program that consolidated my debt. One of my debts is a credit card with Bank of America. This story has be through two different collectors, NCO Financial, and National Enterprise Systems. When I attempted to make gift through my program to these collectors they both denied the payment and returned it to me. I be recently informed by the debt headship company that NES had closed the tale. I called NES to ask what happen and they told me they had returned the information to the original creditor.It’s be a few months and I have not received any approved notices or documents from BOA notify me of their possession and terms for my account/debt. The debt have appeared on my online bank statement, but not on my daily mailed statements. I own read it is illegal for collectors to not properly notify you just about your debt and their terms for collection. BOA have not. Do I contact them or wait for them to properly contact me?

Bank of America shifting their mind on settlement?
Last week I called BOA for a settlement of 2 accounts that hold been consistantly behind schedule or not paid and are over 30% interest. I be given a settlement amount, but when I called vertebrae with my bank information, they said no call be ever made and they can’t give one to me, I hold to pay it within full. They told me to file liquidation. My payment due is over $2500. It’s over 22K and the payoff be 70%. What to do now? I get a loan for the amount and they will only release the funds to BOA. Its adjectives business debt on a business that went underneath.

Bankruptcy 1999 Ch. 7. Car financing in a minute? Autoscores?
I filed Bankruptcy contained by 99. I have driven equal car since after and the payments were never behind and doubled up on them at the end of the loan. My credit is worthy, no late payments on anything since 99. I know my fico gain but not my autoscores. Is it worth getting these before I apply? What category of financing am I looking at getting for a car loan/lease? I enjoy very little debt/no debt surrounded by a few months.

Bankruptcy surrounded by Arkansas?
I live in Arkansas and enjoy recently lost my brief and my husband and I are getting divorced. We have 1 child. We own a very hulking credit card debt load (30,000.00) explicitly all contained by my name. Our home is surrounded by both our names and we hold a 29,000.00 home equity loan that we got stern in Sept 06 so we do not own any equity left contained by our house. We are trying to sell the house right very soon but I am not sure if it will sell to clear off the mortgage and home equity loan. I am considering liquidation and talked beside an attorney through a free consultation and I would qualify for Chapter 7 where it would wipe adjectives my debt away. I know this is the worst thing I can do for my credit but it may be my individual option. I do not want it to affect my husband’s (soon to be ex) credit so that he will know how to get things contained by case our son wants something. Would it affect him with his cross being on the house or could I even record bankruptcy on the house too? Any information would be greatly apprecitated.

Bankruptcy…a year latter. and the hill still have the lien to my van? Illinois?
My van was included within the bankruptcy and adjectives was forgiven and afterwards when i called the dune for the title they said I still owed them about 1700. I enjoy asked my lawyer to button this and initially she said she had to linger until the election be over in the county and and find a mediate who would be open to this?She have since petitioned the local judge once so far who denied this request to release the lien. She have re-entered a new petition only just ,but I haven’t heard a response and telephone call my lawyer everyday. She say if this is also denied she would have to do some research into other liquidation cases or call some other advocate for advice. I am so tired of one jerked around on this. I hold remained civil but its very tough not having a vehicle. This vehicle doesnt run presently (needs roughly 1700.00 repair work and I dont want to repair it if I dont even own it)Isn’t bankruptcy for the sole purpose of end debt so families can move forward? Help!

Bankruptcy: Joint and authorized users for Credit Cards.?
I filed ruin and had several visas. They be all cleared. One of my visa which I have for over 10 years I asked for a supplement card for my spouse last year as they other send the applications within the statements each month. Well, my spouse have received a letter axiom that he has to settle up the FULL visa balance rapidly and they won’t accept payments anymore as they consider it a discouraging debt since I filed liquidation. Are they allowed to go after my spouse even though he be not a joint article, just a supplement card? They utter he is automatically joint if he get a supplement card. I don’t want his credit ruined because he can’t pay my debt within full within 2 weeks.

Bankruptcy-Chapter 7 query (I live within Southern Cali)?
I am unemployed (I am on send for at a Residental Treatment Facility and haven’t worked in a month) and I lone get $ 304.00 a month from dismissal. I have 8 creditors (6 of them are credit cards) and 3 of them are within collections. I am paying only two of them presently, which totals 60.80 a month. The rest of my money goes to paying my phone bill (which I am behind) and buying for a time food. I don’t own a car, a house or anything. I don’t enjoy any assets! Ok-I wear clothes. My mom started helping me with one credit card a week ago-but just one! I am 32 and I have be in debt since I be 21. I also have student loans that I am getting immediately. (I never see that money-it goes directly to university bill). I will be done with my Bachelors surrounded by 2009. I don’t think I can profile for chap 7– I don’t own any assets! I don’t own any special skills, so finding a job will be hard- and I own no car. (I live within Southern California folks. Buses are not good here.) Can I still report?

Because of an coincidence i be not sufficiently expert to work and struggled beside my credit cards. NOw i am surrounded by agency over my principal.?
and have be turned in i am to far contained by debt to recover is it best to tolerate them go to collections and sit in that for 7 years or file liquidation. I am amost $30,000 in debt. Have thought nearly consolidating but a person form the edge said I should file. I would not hold a life for abundant years and ahve to work two jobs to pay envelope them and i also have a full time living of taking care of my parents. Need suggestion?

Being rushed by a credit company for a debt surrounded by my pet name?
that was not run up by me, but by someone who be living there after i moved out! this THING is doing my team leader in they wont give notice me alone, what should i do? or what would you do?they even ring me on a saturday morning, and have ring as early as 8.30am..please comfort

Besides paying stale my credit card debt, what are some extra things that I could do to repair my credit?
I made the biggest mistake that a college freshman could make, I get a credit card. I racked up charges, than overcharged, payed the miniums, overcharged…it was adjectives just one gross desperate cycle. I’ve learned my lesson luckily a bit early on, but my credit rating is totally screwed up presently. I’m making payments every two weeks to pay sour my debts and intend to be more responsible. What are some other things I can do to increase my credit rating?

Best course to draw from out of debt?
I am not too far in, I owe a total of 3,000 for adjectives of my credit cards and some other bills. I make a worthy living, for being surrounded by college… but Im just wondering whats the easiest means of access to go give or take a few it, like should I try to discharge the lower rate cards first, or the cards with the lowest stability? Thanks!

Best means of access to settle up sour credit cards to revolutionize credit evaluation?
As a college student, I’ve racked up some credit card debt. I have never missed a allowance, and have other paid at most minuscule $5-10 over the minimum amount. My grandfather recently passed away and he moved out me quite a sizeable sum of money. What would be the best way to repay off these credit cards? Should I remuneration half one month, and later half the second month? The objective here is to a) settle my credit card debt, and b) improve my credit evaluation. The inheritance money will be released to me monthly until the amount expires (around $500 a month for the next 10 years). Any guidance/suggestions are greatly appreciated.

Best method to catch out of debt?
I have hear that places like incharge debt solution isnt the best bearing to get out of debt because it if truth be told hurts your credit saying that you cant pedal your own debt and when you go to an outside company to do it for you it make it worse… Or is that even true? What about debt consoladation? when you take a loan that pays off adjectives your debt and you pay them.. i own about 5000 contained by debt with interest i cant afford to do it the road i am doing it any hel[ful sugesstions?

Best route to pay-off impossible debit?
bad credit, support debt consolidation, pay-off fast

Best Way To Handle Old Credit Card Debt?
I have some older credit card debt from my college days (probably going back 4 years) that I enjoy started to receive collection notices for. I’m surrounded by a better financial situation now, by no method rich, but I would like to clear my baptize and not be handcuffed by my prior situation.What’s the best style for me to handle this? I get a letter offering a “one-time only” grant to a collection agency at about partly off, which is thoroughly attractive, but I want to make sure that I’m both clearing my conscience and boosting my credit rating. If I can do that and foot less than I in theory owe (considering most of it is probably finance charges), adjectives the better. For the record, I enjoy a couple of open accounts that are without a flaw clear. I’ve looked into it a little and the state I lived contained by when I opened the sketch has a six year statute of limitations.Looking for solid direction as I’d like to buy a house surrounded by the next couple of years.

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